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In Biblical times, our great Maori navigator and explorer, Kupe, sailed from Raiatea to Aotearoa New Zealand and settled at the place we now know as Hokianga on the west coast of the North Island. Kupe described his new home as te  puna o te ao marama –the spring of the world of light.

Tane Mahuta

In his very old age he left for his original homeland in Raiatea, naming his departure point as te hokianga nui o Kupe – the great returning place of Kupe. Since then, over 200 generations and other migrations have made their mark, but the special landscape and light remain.

Today Hokianga contains the ancestral lands of our Maori tribe, Ngapuhi. Lands that are rich in tradition, natural beauty and a peaceful spirit where the great kauri giants live, awesome undeveloped coastlines, remarkable wildlife, contrasted with small picturesque villages and relics of early European settlements.

When you visit Hokianga, you will meet our whanau and families who believe that hospitality is more important than possessions and their worth is measured by what they give away rather than by what they accumulate.
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Hokianga is just over three hours drive north of Auckland on State Highway 12 and within an hour of Kerikeri airport, which is a 40-minute flight from Auckland.


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