Association Constitution

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The Constitution enables:
Any person, corporate body, society or association supporting the objectives of the Association and in the opinion of the Board of Directors represents the interests of those engaged in, or have an interest in, or derive benefit from Maori & cultural tourism.

The Objectives of the Association are:

  1. The development of cultural tourism in Tai Tokerau in a manner which is environmentally responsible, economically sustainable and that recognises and protects the spiritual, physical and cultural values of the peoples of the region
  2. The promotion of the socio-economic development of Tai Tokerau through Mäori and cultural tourism.
  3. Active participation of broad range of participants and stakeholders in Mäori and cultural tourism across Tai Tokerau in the Association.
  4. High quality service delivery by members which appropriately addresses the needs of visitors.
  5. Members’ products and services of members are widely promoted.
  6. Members make effective use of information technology.
  7. Strong relationships with strategic allies in the public and private sectors.
  8. Effective advocacy of the interests of Maori and cultural tourism operators and their trade allies in local, regional and national settings.
  9. The efficient and effective operation of the Association with the minimum of permanent staff.

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