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John Kinder - watercolour

Trypot - a large iron pot in which minced whale blubber was boiled to extract the oil - Russell Museum

This old cannon on Russell's waterfront was used on 11 March 1845 to defend the town during the Battle of Kororareka - Russell Musuem

John Kinder - watercolour
Kororareka, Bay of Islands, 1858
Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki, gift of Harry Kinder, 1937

At the heart of the town lies Russell’s museum

Russell – originally Kororareka - developed from a small Maori village into a shore station for visiting whalers and traders.

When the capital was established in Auckland in 1841, the town declined but over the past 100 years has become the centre of a busy tourist industry focussed on fishing, sightseeing, history and heritage.

The museum displays items that illustrate the town’s colourful history: Maori taonga, whaling and gamefishing artefacts, a one fifth scale model of Cook’s Endeavour. A 12 minute video describes the history of the town. The museum archives hold photos, books and some local and family records.

The museum shop specialises in Northland books and a wide range of gift items.

Part of a carved frame
to a map of the Bay of Islands, by Anita Jones.

The staff make you welcome and help you enjoy not only our museum, but other aspects of our town and the beautiful Bay of Islands.

Cook's Endeavour
The British explorer Captain
James Cook visited the Bay of 
Islands in 1769. We have a one
fifth scale model of his ship.

One of the leisure activities on
 whaling voyages was to carve
 pictures on sperm whale teeth.

Raincape/ hieke
Coarse, loose fitting
 cape made of raupo in 
2000 by local weaver.

Open every day except Christmas Day
January 10am – 5pm
February - December 10am – 4pm
Additional time is allowed to complete a visit

Check our website for latest admission fee www.russellmuseum.org.nz 

2 York Street, Russell 
Ph/Fax 09 403 7701

Russell Waterfront
A contemporary water colour by local artist
Jane Taylor

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